The trendy Balaton cherries are here!
Tart Balaton cherries are full of antioxidants and beta-carotene. Being healthy never tasted so good!
We are certified by the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program.
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Only the finest cherry products are available at The Cherry Store at Royal Farms.  Fresh, wholesome and delicious cherry concentrate, preserves, pies and filling, dried cherries and apple rings, chocolate covered cherries and so much more are ready for your enjoyment.   Our gift baskets and boxes are ready to ship with delightful assortments of our cherry products.  Or special order with your own assortment of cherry products in our gift basket.  We'll ship it right to that favorite person for you.


Antioxidant Superjuice…Balaton Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

We are excited to announce that this year we are offering a Balaton blend cherry concentrate. This is a blend of Balaton
and Montmorency cherries. We are excited because we beleive you will get the best antioxidant kick for your dollar.
Balaton has the highest level of anthocyabnin and Montmorency has the highest level of melatonin.  Together they carry the highest antioxidant load.  We hope you love our new concentrate and we look forward to your feedback.
As we plan for our new crop next year we want to be sure that we are listening to our customers. Please let us know what you think.
We are now shipping the new concentrate blend, it is available in 32oz size only.
Balaton Blend Cherry Concentrate 32oz size for $22.95
** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The taste of northern Michigan mornings in this Breakfast Gift Assortment is so delicious you'll want one for yourself! Gift box includes: Michigan Sweet Cherry Coffee, Premium Red Tart Cherry Syrup, Maple Syrup, Dried Red Tart Cherries, Old Fashion Apple Butter, Sweet Cherry Preserves.

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